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From the Blog

Here you will find tips on living a truly fit lifestyle, as Thomas & the MealFit team talk not only about food, but also about fitness, family, faith, and finances. This is the place where all of your questions get answered.

Crockpot Mu-Shu Chicken Wraps

Classic Chinese dish that is Paleo-ish.

Crockpot Mu-Shu Chicken Wraps

Ingredients Chicken: • 1 whole chicken (or 4-5 chicken breasts) • 1 onion • 4 tsp. salt • 2 tsp. paprika •...

Excuses or Results

This is So TRUE. You can make excuses about how you can’t and what prevents you from doing this or that. But the bottom line is...

Howard Taco Bowl

This is an amazing recipe that was created by one of my best friends Chris Howard. Chris it the guy that has Hashimoto’s and...